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The RomDict project includes (for now) only an English -- Romanian dictionary which can be downloaded following this link to the download area. The latest version is 0.5 and it has 991 entries for the letters A to Z.

The package with the list of words for the romanian ispell is also there. This pack is available thanks to Mr. Mihai Budiu. Soon there will be some some aditions. It can be downloaded from the RomDict download page. The pack for aspell can be downloaded from here: This package can also be downloaded from the download pages of the RomDict project. The package is available thanks to Mr. Ionel Mugurel Ciobica.

The latest news can be browsed at the news page of the RomDict project. Sorry, but as this is a Romanian oriented set of tools most news are in Romanian. Only the most important news bilingual.


The idea for this enterprise has its starting point around September 2002 when I discovered there is no other project with this purpose. There are other initiatives but they are commercial closed source projects and most of them are strictly bound to the Windows OS.

If you are aware of other projects like this one you can drop me a note by clicking here or by emailing me using the address below.

How the project started

The first edition is based on the word list fromRTFS - Romanian Translators for Free Software


This dictionary is a continous effort. Hopefully soon there will be a Romanian -- English dictionary. And why not? Other dictionaries to and from Romanian.

I also plann to add a set of supporting documents related to installing the dict software on various platforms as well as using the spellchekers aspell and ispell.

More details

The latest version of these pages can be found at

The project summary can be checked at

The RomDict project is working with the Freedict initiative to bring open source bilingual dictionaries to the world. When there will be a list of words for every letter - actually a first release - there will be a link on the FreeDict pages. FreeDict is part of a bigger project - For the moment you can mail me directly any additions or corrections you might have or you can just use the sourceforge forums.


You can mail me at For whomever this might concern my GPG key is here or you can request it from You can also IM me at:

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